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Voice of Customer System


1. The VOC or Voice of Customer is a way for external & internal customer in the hospital express the opinion of services. The concerns would use to improve the service for more experience of the service; general and expectations needs. @endif

2. Please provide the necessary information; name, email, telephone number. For the reporter’s benefit, please specify the problem and clarify date and time of the service.

3. Please refrain from using profanities.

4. Please note that if the report is directed towards a third person or the affiliated organization is false, the reporter may be subjected to a trial according to the law.

5. If the information received is incomplete or the customer cannot be contacted because of any convenience cause. The hospital would not consider accepting such complaints. However, if it is a suggestion, it would use to improve the hospital service.

6. After the system has received your information, it would be kept confidential. The problems and suggestions that are ben.


Please provide the information in the given space. An asterisk (*) indicates that the information must be filled in.
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